Exclusive to COVE, Compact Recovery Trailers (CRT).

Deployable Van Mounted Towing Solution

  • We are the proud New Zealand supplier of a deployable Compact Recovery Trailer (CRT) system as supplied to AA New Zealand.
  • These CRT trailers are used extensively across Europe by the major roadside services and we can order them to suit any brand of van. 
  • The system is comprised of a unique trailer which folds in half and sits securely in a compact cradle which can be installed in any brand of van. This system is able to be safely operated by a single roadside technician and can be quickly deployed from the rear of a van. The single vehicle ideology is both an efficient and environmentally friendly concept.  
  • A genuine advantage of having the tow unit housed in a van allows the vehicle to access spaces like inner city carparks where a traditional tow truck simply cannot reach.
  • Once deployed, the system allows the broken down vehicle to be easily winched onto and secured to the trailer. The AA technicians estimate it only takes them around 15 minutes  to complete this process. From there the vehicle can then be safely towed to a repairer, unloaded from the CRT upon arrival and then quickly stowed back in the van ready for the next tow without delay. 
  • To keep the operational van weight down, we partner with Sortimo as they offer light weight, robust and well organised storage solutions which perfectly complement the concept of the CRT. By having an organised operating space you limit the amount excess tooling (weight) and allow for the operator to work more efficiently.

The video below demonstrates how efficient the AA are finding our CRT to use.

AA New Zealand Rapid Recovery Vito

Deployable Van Mounted Towing Solution

The AA New Zealand RRV is an excellent example of how effective the Compact Recovery Trailer is in the available space of a RWD Mercedes Benz Vito.

  • The Mercedes-Benz Vito as a vehicle is both safe and it's low roof height allows is access to tight spaces.
  • The setup in this van provides the AA with a single vehicle that is able to provide both recoveryand roadside services.
  • The AA required the system to be safely operated by one technician and we have achieved that. 
  • The van has been with a light weight and crash rated Sortimo SR5 system that incorporates all their storage needs for tools, batteries, charging stations cones and more.
  • The storage capacity has been fully optimised with the inclusion of Gedore tools in Sortimo tool tray inlays.

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