AA NZ Roadside Recovery Vehicles - Mercedes-Benz Vito LWB

The New Zealand AA had a goal to enhance customer turnaround times and decided to adopt a successful model used abroad - a roadside recovery vehicle - to achieve this. These vehicles are not only equipped with standard roadside assistance tools and equipment but also have the capability to tow a vehicle if it is unable to operate on the side of the road, thus decreasing wait times for customers.

By combining a customised Sortimo van racking fitout (featuring SR5 van racking and Jumbo drawers designed for battery storage, along with pull-out loading platforms for the towing Dollies), and the Tow Pro compact recovery trailer, everything could be conveniently packed into the mid sized Mercedes-Benz Vito Long wheel based van. Additionally, special guides were designed to securely store jacks and wheel stands while the vehicle is in transit, ensuring safety at all times.

Concept Fitout:

Delivered Fitout:


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